Following are some of my friends who have a Pilot License (besides me):

PP-ASEL(Private Pilot-Airplane Single Engine Land)

Anand Vaidun
Brad Walker

The whole idea is to get together and fly down to nearby places like Lake Tahoe, Reno or LA, San Diego etc. and have fun.


Upcoming Trips

Two Indian Pilots (Anand and Dharam) were piloting the plane from
New Delhi to US. When the plane was was descending for a landing at SFO
airport they had never been to before. The pilot looked out the
windshield and suddenly exclaimed to the copilot, "Oh my God! Look
how short the runway is! I`ve never seen one that short!"
The copilot looked out the windshield. "Wow! you`re right!
That`s incredible! Are you sure we can make it?" "Well we
better, were almost out of fuel." So the captain got on the
intercom and notified the passengers to puttheir heads between
their knees and prepare for an emergency landing. Then he set the
flaps to full down and slowed the plane to just over stall speed. The
big jumbo jet came screaming in, on the ragged edge of control. The
pilot`s hands were sweating, the copilot was praying. They touched
down and came screeching to a halt JUST before the edge of the runway,
the tires smoking. "WHEW! That was CLOSE!" yelled the captain."That
runway was SHORT!"
"Yeah!" said the copilot,"and WIDE too!"

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