The best thing about mountain biking is that it can put you in places you'd never have visited otherwise. - Anonymous

I have a Trek 8000 mountain bike.
Following are some of the people I ride with:
Ryoichi Noda
Brad Wwalker
Jean-Marie Dupuy
Walter Parubrub
Aseem Rastogi
Kenneth Wong
Terry Heatlie
Michael Watson
Thomas Perry
Anand Vaidun
Jason Ccockroft
Jim Smith
Raymond Chan
Louis Mcdade
Chirag Patel
Patrick Firouzian

Jason is our official meteorologist
Some of his expert comments on the weather conditions for one of our trips ;-) ...

"I think there is a big fight going on right now ...

Check out these strong winds outside. They are blowing from the north west. Take out your right hand and point your fingers in the direction the wind is blowing. Your thumb should be pointing down.

Downward movement of air is the direct cause of a high pressure system ... which appears to be building in our area. Can this high pressure ridge build in time to fend off the fronts that are sweeping across the pacific towards us ???

Based on the strength of the winds outside, i'd say this is gonna be a strong ridge.



Following are some of the pictures from our past biking trips.
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MARCH 1997

February 1997
Here are some colour pictures
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More pictures will be added to this page soon.

Upcoming Rides

Walter suggested this Mac's "Going Away" ride.

Place: Wilder Ranch (Santa Cruz)
Date: Saturday, April 26 1997
Time: Meet at the bathrooms, next to the parking lot at 9am.
Bring: Your bike, helmet, jacket if it is cold, extra water, something light to eat (power bars, small sandwich,etc.), money for the parking.

If you don't know about this trail, I believe it is voted one of the top 100 in the nation to ride on. It has a lot of different scenice views and has a wide range of technical difficulties. The Wilder Ranch bike ride will start at the parking lot area, and we will do a 3-4 mile warm-up ride around the bluffs (flat, scenic cliffs by the ocean. After that, we will cross Hwy 1 and start to go into the mountains.

The first part will be rolling hills, which gives you some nice uphills and downhills. These hills are in the cattle ranch type of scene. Then we start to go into a few forests, then pedal up the mountain a little, into more open hills, and into a few more forests. The forest is cool (in both scene and temperature), and crosses a small creek here and there. One of the last parts of the ride will be a downhill on some bumpy, rocky, single-tracks in the forest. The final part will end up near the parking lot where we first started.


o Take Hwy 17 south towards Santa Cruz (approx 30 min. from Los Gatos, without traffic)
o Go North on Hwy 1 towards San Francisco
- You will go through the town. If you have never been on this road, make sure that you try to follow the signs toward San Francisco
(10-15 minutes going through the town, even if it is a few miles long).
o Keep heading north on Hwy 1 and turn left at the Wilder Ranch park (Approx. 3 miles, 5 minutes north of the Santa Cruz town).
- Park in the parking lot and meet at the bathrooms.

- NOTE: It is adviseable to pay the $6 to park in the ranger- patrolled parking lot than it is to park on the outside of the parking lot (next to Hwy 1). There has been numerous break-ins (smashing windows to get into the cars) on the side of the road, so I don't take my chances. It is cheaper to pay the 6 bucks than it is to fix a window.

Give yourself AT LEAST an hour to get there. You will not know what the Hwy 17 conditions are at that time. We will meet at 9am and leave for the ride shortly after that.

Check out this site for details/map.

Hope to see you there!

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